Upholstery Cleaning

Maybe your upholstered furniture has not been cleaned in years and is looking dingy. Our professional cleaning technicians can provide a thorough cleaning of your furniture by removing soil and stains, returning it to almost new condition.

Since upholstered furniture uses materials that are varied, and methods of manufacture are different, one upholstery cleaning process will not work on all upholstered furniture. Special considerations must be taken according to such things as color fastness and stability of the fabric. At Carpet Clinic our trained professionals will test and confirm that we will provide the cleaning process that is right for your particular furniture’s upholstery.

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Odor Removal & Pet Damaged

Odor arises from many sources including pet urine, disaster, or human contaminants. Any of these sources can leave your furniture with an unpleasant smell. Difficult odor problems can trigger allergies and be frustrating to solve. Whether is a pet odor or smoke odors, we can provide you with a variety of treatment solutions. The experts at Carpet Clinic can provide you with routine cleaning services to remove sources of general soiling, and odors.

We have the detection tools, specialized cleaning solutions, and the proper equipment and experience necessary to remove all types of odors and stains. Let our technicians help you to keep your home a healthier place.